New Romance Movie 2020: Chasing Girl Union, Eng Sub | Love Story film, Full Movie 1080P

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Synopsis: 2020 New Romance Movie "Chasing Girl Union" is about a love story: Xiao Die (Butterfly) is a beautiful musician who had a handsome boyfirend, Jiang Zhuo. They loved each other for seven years. but when Xiao Die returned home from abroad, she lost his contact. Then she met another boy, Jiang Bo who is ordinary and not handsome. Day by day, there are some new feelings between them. At this time, Jiang Zhuo comes back and finds Xiao Die. What choice will Xiao Die make at last?

Studio: Ding Xing Film
Producer: Xue Shao, Dong Shaobo
Director: Xue Shao
Writer: Xue Shao, Wu Zeya
Starring: Xu Yanxin, Liu Xiaoqiao, Lu Jingming, He Jiawei
Genres: #Romance, #LoveStory

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